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Hearing Aids
Behind The Ear
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Characteristics :
- Push button
- Modern housing design
- IP57 certified (HD S312) and IP67 (HD 13)
- The plasma-coated surface protects the system against external influences such as dirt and moisture
- Flexible fitting thanks to availability of different receivers
- Battery Size 312 (HD S312)
– Battery Size 13 (HD 13)
- Integrated telecoil
In The Ear
jamHD in-the-ear hearing systems :
-New ergonomic surface and controls .
-The plasma-coated surface protects the system from external influences, such as dirt and moisture .
-Button, integrated telephone coil and optional wireless functions.
Fits perfectly into the ear: Soft shapes and state-of-the-art design ensure maximum comfort. The latest generation of in-ear hearing systems by HANSATON: custom-made and perfectly adjusted to your needs. So powerful, so individual, and practically invisible.
Handmade in Hamburg; handmade in Germany.
Individual designs – tailored to fit your ear precisely.
Behind the ear In the ear In the canal Completely in the canal
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