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Ahmad Cherri, the owner of "Cherri Optic", studied Optometry in Zagreb, Croatia from 1982 till 1986 and got his license from "Roger Boscovich Institute".
Cherri Optic Est. was then established in 1989.
The optometrists Ahmad Cherri and his wife Sawsan Sherkawi developed the business of Cherri Optic that became:
• Distributed by its many branches in Lebanon.
• Specialized in the distribution of optical frames, sunglasses and contact lenses in the Lebanese market.
• The exclusive agent distributor of Paparazzi brand in Lebanon.
• The agent distributor of Allison Group in Lebanon, represented by:
G. Franco Ferre, Bvlgari, Exte, Missoni and more.
Our choice is to capitalize our points of sale selection to protect the quality of our distribution.
Ahmad Cherri also studied Audiology in Croatia. In addition, he attended audiology courses, lectures and many workshops in Hansaton company in Germany.
"Cherri Hearing Center" was then established in 1993.
This center is certified in the areas of identification and measurement of hearing impairments and rehabilitation of those with hearing problems.
Cherri Hearing Center cooperates with Hansaton company in order to have the best products and to provide good customer service, simple pricing, smart processes and technology.
Hansaton is a family-owned company in Hamburg, Germany. It's a world-class company whose products are designed with the highest level of German precision and craftsmanship.
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